Integra Boost Packet EACH

Integra Boost Packet EACH

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Integra Boost Humidity Packs help you to take control of your humidity levels, prevent mold growth and to preserve the organoleptic qualities of your botanicals. Boost humidity control packets are highly durable and puncture resistant so preventing contact of packet contents with your botanicals. Use Integra Boost humidity packs to cure and store botanicals. Boost packets will release or absorb moisture as necessary to maintain relative humidity in a contained environment. Boost packs are individually wrapped so they will be fresh and ready to go when you are. The outer wrapper is branded with food grade, non-transferable ink. Integra Boost helps to extend the shelf life and quality condition of your products.

For optimum results, place Integra Boost humidity control packets into airtight glass jars. Select an appropriate sized container for the amounts of botanicals you plan to store and avoid too much extra space/air in the jar. With Boost, you have humidity control that adapts and responds to its environment.

Each packet comes with its own humidity indicator card for easy monitoring.

Boost your botanicals!

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